Teeth Extractions / Pre-Prosthetic Surgery


Dr. Shaver and Hammen have extensive oral and maxillofacial surgical training that includes dental extractions and preparing your mouth for the placement of a prosthesis, whether it be a full denture, partial denture, fixed bridge or single unit crowns.

Services Included:

  1. Dental extractions: Simple extractions and more complex teeth that require removal of bone and/or sectioning the the teeth.
  2. Multiple dental extractions
  3. Bone smoothing and reshaping (Alveoloplasty)
  4. Removal of excess bone  (Palatal and Mandibular Tori)
  5. Maxillary tuberosity reduction
  6. Excision of excess gum tissue
  7. Crown lengthening

Many times for dental extractions, the exam, review of X-rays and the surgical procedure can be completed in the same day.  There are instances in which it is in the best interest of our patients to complete a consultation appointment prior to surgery.  This allows Drs. Shaver and Hammen to individualize a treatment plan for you.  This includes a review of your health history, complete a full head and neck examination and review of your X-rays.  Once your chief complaint is identified, we will discuss any risks, benefits and alternative options you may have.  This is also a chance for us to review your anesthetic options.  As no two patients are alike, anesthetic options will be tailored based on the complexity of the surgical procedure, medical history and anxiety level.

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